How does this work exactly?

The program is aimed at children and young people of all ages.

We enable children and young people to understand the importance of sustainable cooking. We bridge the gap between health and tasty and proper nutrition in a fun way.

We place particular emphasis on the joint and holistic preparation of different dishes and on consumption with all senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch). We use fruit and vegetables that are in season at the time of the course. If possible locally, we grow the ingredients ourselves and then harvest them in order to teach the children and young people the importance of sustainable cooking.

All questions that arise during sensory exploration (Why do apples get brown spots? Is the apple moldy?) are answered in a particularly fun way during the course. We pay particular attention to the development of taste memory by exploring, understanding and independently learning to differentiate between all types of taste.

With little Magda we explain the focus of the day on each recipe. The recipes are available in a folder to take home. Snacking is allowed.

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