Collection: Online courses

Learn about tasteful and nutritious dishes for all ages.

The cooking courses are a mixture of advice and interactive cooking workshops. Depending on the cooking course group, we prepare snacks, main courses or desserts together.

What you get from me:

- Cooking Courses
- Cooking Shows
- Team Building Events

Pregnant women and young mothers, as well as young adults, are equally addressed.

What our customers say

  • Africa inspired recipe calendar
    Quickshop VAT included. My favorite vegan recipes In this annual calendar, you will...
    Africa inspired recipe calendar
    Regular price €15,00
  • Workshop: Alkaline nutrition with Jamaican Sea Moss
    Quickshop VAT included. Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals known to...
  • One-on-one coaching
    Quickshop VAT included. The social problem of overweight and the resulting widespread disease...
    One-on-one coaching
    From €150,00
  • Africa
    Quickshop VAT included. Would you like to immerse yourself in the diverse cuisine...
    Regular price €40,00
  • Cooking club
    Quickshop VAT included. Do you want to work on nutrition-specific topics, cook together...
    Cooking club
    Regular price €100,00
  • Healthy through pregnancy
    Quickshop VAT included. Healthy! Enjoyable! Good! The needs and cravings during pregnancy can...
    Healthy through pregnancy
    Regular price €60,00
  • Nutrition 4 Dancers
    Quickshop VAT included. *(including food box with mini Sea Moss Pure by post)...
    Nutrition 4 Dancers
    Regular price €30,00